Reel maker in Kedar Dham be cautious now.

Rudraprayag/ Kedarnath: Reels maker in Kedarnath Dham will now be monitored. Since the inception of Chardham, there is a flood of reels on social media. Some of them are associated with religious sentiments and some are made only for entertainment. When many videos went viral, strict action should be taken, against such a reel maker, the devotees of Baba said.

To keep avoid any hindrance in the Yatra, a coordination meeting was organized with various departmental officers posted on duty in Kedarnath. Everyone has talked about keeping the journey simple and easy on priority.

Some reel maker are trying to present in another way by spoiling the sanctity of Dham

Apart from this, special responsibility has been given to the QRT team in the coordination meeting. The team will keep an eye on YouTubers and Reels makers. Many times the administration has received complaints about spoiling the sanctity of the Dham and presenting it in another way in the name of making videos. Many times people are reaching Kedar Baba’s court in the race to take the video. Now preparations are on to take strict action against such people.

The number of devotees for darshan in Chardham Yatra 2023 has crossed 41 lakhs so far. According to media reports, more than 20 thousand registrations are being done daily for Kedarnath Dham only. Total of 13 lakh 38 thousand devotees have registered for Kedarnath Dham by now.

All departmental officers were expected to discharge their functions with mutual coordination and coordination. So that the journey can be conducted successfully.

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