Two crores rupees has given by SBI, for the relief and rehabilitation of Joshimath.

Dehradun: State Bank of India has given financial assistance of Rs. 2 crore to the Uttarakhand State Disaster Relief Fund for the relief and rehabilitation of the displaced people from the landslide area in Joshimath.

Chief General Manager of State Bank of India, New Delhi Circle, Kalpesh Kr. Awasia has presented and handed over a check of Rs 2 crore to Chief Minister, and CM Dhami thanked the State Bank of India for this cooperation amount to help the affected.

The Chief Minister said that many works related to infrastructure development are to be done in the four identified Vibrant Villages of the state, Mana, Niti, Malari and Gunji, for this also he expected cooperation from SBI.

SBI keeps on providing financial assistance from time to time at different levels of the society to spread awareness in the society under social responsibilities and to help the needy people, and in the future we will continue to contribute in various social activities of the state. Kalpesh Kr Awasia said, the Chief General Manager, State Bank of India, New Delhi Circle.

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