Dr B.C Karnataka has taken charge as new director animal husbandry dept.

Dehradun: Dr. BC Karnataka has taken over as the Director of the new Animal Husbandry Department of Uttarakhand. He was Additional Director, Animal Husbandry, Kumaon before this. This post has become vacant after the retirement of Dr. Prem Kumar from the post of Director on June 30. The image of Dr. Karnataka remains as an honest and working officer.

Originally born in a farmer’s family of Bageshwar district, Dr. Karnataka intends to promote milch cattle rearing by promoting graded semen method and preparing 90% advanced breed heifers, making milk production a strong medium of rural economy, on Uttarakhand’s UP. Milk dependency has to end.

In the initial phase, compulsory milch animal insurance scheme will be considered at a higher level along with mass vaccination of animals by controlling lumpy virus spread among animals. Dr. Karnataka told that such arrangements will be made that along with providing facility of artificial insemination to cattle rearers till remote villages, wherever there are Badri cows, a plan will be made to preserve them and buy cow urine along with their milk.

Dr. Karnataka believes that in order to double the income of farmers in Uttarakhand, cooperation and coordination will be created between the Animal Husbandry Department and the Dairy Department in each district by motivating people to tie a cow of advanced species in every person’s goth. Due to which efforts will be made to increase the production of milk as well as its consumption. Dr. Karnataka told that on the lines of Champawat district, milch animal husbandry will be specially encouraged in other hilly districts of Uttarakhand.

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