Tobacco product will not sell in retail shops, new rule has implemented.

Haldwani: Haldwani Municipal Corporation area, a new rule came into existence over the selling of tobacco product, Municipal Commissioner Pankaj Upadhyay has issued orders for making license for selling tobacco products.

After the issued of this order, there has been a ban on selling tobacco products in retail shops, malls, wholesale markets, big markets under the Municipal Corporation area. Now if it has been made mandatory for a shopkeeper to take a license like liquor to sell tobacco products. If anyone is found selling tobacco products without a license, action will be taken against him.

Municipal commissioner Pankaj Upadhyay told that it is necessary to take tobacco vendor license in the corporation area. COTPA law has been implemented in the corporation. He said that tobacco products will not be sold in shops selling toffee, biscuits, chips etc. License will be mandatory for selling tobacco products. The corporation has fixed a fee of Rs 5,000 for permanent shopkeepers, Rs 1,500 for permanent gumti and Rs 10,000 for wholesale permanent traders. The duration of the license will be one year. If someone breaks the rules, a warning will be given first. After being caught for the second time, a fine of one thousand rupees will be imposed and if caught for the third time, the shop will be sealed. On the other hand, if the shopkeeper is caught for the fourth time, a case will be registered.

The license holder shopkeepers will have to follow some rules, tobacco products shall not be sold to any minor. Apart from this, the sale of tobacco products will be banned within 100 yards of the educational institution. Giving cigarettes outside the shop will also be considered a violation of the rules. Now even loose cigarettes will not be sold. Apart from this, the shopkeeper will not even give matchsticks and lighters to smoke cigarettes. At the same time, selling cigarettes and tobacco in front of Mall, Big Bazaar by placing gumtis will also be considered a violation of the rules. According to the order, those doing the work of selling, buying, storing, packaging etc. of tobacco products in the municipal limits will have to obtain trade license/license from the Municipal Corporation within 15 days.

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