There might be change in Dhami cabinet, sources.

Dehradun. There might be reshuffle and expansion in Uttarakhand Cabinet. The BJP high command has asked CM Pushkar Singh Dhami for the report card of the ministers, the complete work details of minister that he has done. BJP wants to side line all such leaders and ministers before 2024, because of which the image of the organization and the government has been tarnished or is being tarnished. In such a situation, it will be decided on the basis of the report card of the ministers that who will remain in the cabinet and who will be sent off.

According to sources, instead of work, ministers who are involved in controversies can be discharged. There is also talk of changing the departments of some ministers. At present, there are 4 vacancies in the cabinet, thats why expansion is considered necessary, but due to the poor performance of some ministers, there are speculations about reshuffle. The heartbeat of the ministers is fast as soon as they get the information about the report card being sought from Delhi. Everyone is feeling their chair in danger. It is believed that the oath ceremony of the cabinet can be held as soon as the Maha Jansampark Abhiyan is over.

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