The case of molestation of two girls, roused communal tension again.

Dehradun/ Vikas Nagar: Outside Vikas Nagar market police station, special Hindu organization and people of special community gathered in large numbers on Wednesday night and everyone had sticks in their hands.  A case of molestation with 2 Hindu girls by people of a particular community came to the fore, in which the people of the Muslim community were thrashed fiercely by the people of the Hindu organization, due to which the Hindu and the community people came face to face, the police tried to handle the matter. 

People gathered in a large number from the Muslim community surrounded to Vikas Nagar police station and raised slogans of Allah Hu Akbar, while the people of the Hindu organization also surrounded the police post market and shouted slogans continuously for several times.  Such type of cases are coming to the fore in Vikas Nagar, in which many people of a particular community have been sent to jail by the police, in the same case, under the leadership of Police Officer Vikas Nagar Bhaskar Lal Shah, the police drove peoples of both communities from there.  In this pacified matter, the police officer told that the case was of molestation of two girls, on which the people of Hindu organization got angry and the complaints have from both sides of the fight with the people of the particular community, after the investigation, the case will be registered.

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