In a car accident 5 people rescued but 3 died 3 are missing search opration is on.

Rishikesh: Early in today’s morning, a Max vehicle while coming from Sonprayag to Rishikesh got drowned in the river Ganga.  In which 11 people including the driver were on board. The cause of the accident being said, due to rolling stones from the hill and colliding with the vehicle. The accident took place near the national highway between Malakunthi to Hotel Anand Kashi, according to information.

On the information, immediately, 5 persons were rescued from the river by the police and SDRF. It was told by all the rescued passengers that all those people are residents of different places and on July 8 From Sonprayag at 8:00 in the morning sat in a max car and at night around at 3 AM, ahead of Malakunthi bridge towards Gular, due to sudden stone fall from the mountain from rain, the vehicle became uncontrollable and fell down directly into the Ganga. Search operation is being conducted by the SDRF team and Munikireti police station on the spot.  And search is on for 6 missing people.

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