An aged injured woman made reached upto road, on shoulders of villagers covering 4KM.

Uttarkashi: An elderly woman Bhagwan Devi 75, resident of Doni village of Uttarkashi Purola Naugaon development block, had been into forest to take grass her animals and feed them, during which the elderly woman slipped from the rock and she got fractured in her legs along with deep injuries.  Due to lack of road facility in the village so far, the villagers took her to the road by making sticks and took her to Dehradun for treatment.

She had gone to the nearby forest to feed her cattle, where her foot slipped from a rock and she was seriously injured, in which her legs are also said to be fractured.  Due to non-availability of road facility in the village, the injured elderly woman was made to reach the road 4 km away by making sticks, after which she was taken to Dehradun for treatment.  Krishna Bartwal and other villagers said that several times proposals were sent to the departments for the roadway but no one is listening. Many pregnant woman serious patients, have to lost their live, not getting soon treatment and due to the lack of road after covering road of 4 km on foot many died on the road to hospitals because many serious cases the villagers carried them on their shoulders upto the road, the villagers add further.

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