Three vehicles buried under debris, 4 died and 7 injured including 5 minor.

Uttarkashi: It’s going on incessantly rains in the district, a huge heap of debris coming from the hill near Gangotri National Highway Gangnani, and three vehicles buried under the debris at late last Monday night. The total of 31 people were traveling in all the three vehicles, in which four people died tragically on the spot and 7 people were injured. All other occupants of the vehicle are safe.

Bodies of four people have been recovered from the spot.  Since debris and boulders are coming from the hill stop and it is raining heavily.  Due to which difficulties are being faced in the rescue operation.  Out of the seven injured, five are minor, while two are seriously injured, who have been given first aid at PHC Bhatwadi and brought to the district hospital.

 As soon as the information of incident was reached to the District Magistrate Abhishek Ruhela instructed the District Disaster Management Officer to send ambulance, SDRF, NDRF, police, revenue team to the spot.  The District Magistrate instructed to carry out relief and rescue work at the spot with speed.  The District Magistrate himself is also present at the spot.

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