A political stir over Agneepath scheme.

Dehradun: A political battle between congress and BJP has started over the Agneepath scheme of center government in Uttarakhand. Former Congress state president Ganesh Godial held a press conference in this context, at the Congress headquarters in Dehradun Monday.

As BJP is the power at the present time and only it has implemented Aganipath scheme, and now should listed its advantage before the common folks of country, Godiyal said that Congress will take out a journey on foots to count the disadvantages of this scheme and will go door to door and tell people about its disadvantage. He said that the High Command meeting in Delhi  In the meeting, former National President of Congress Rahul Gandhi has said that the Agneepath scheme will be withdrawn if the Congress government is formed… because it is harming the country and the future of youths, whereas the BJP countered these allegations of the Congress.  BJP state media in charge, Manveer Chauhan says that Congress leaders are in desperation…. protesting for the sake of political position.  While the Agneepath scheme is in the interest of the country, it is in the interest of the youths.

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