Lord Nandi drank milk, is a miracle for devotees.

Roorkee: Feedad Shiv temple located behind the old shop of Kundan Confectionery in Rajputana locality of Roorkee has occurred a sudden miracle on Tuesday, as the holy month of Shravan, is going on, every Shive temple packed with devotees, but at Roorkee, Lord Shiva’s Nandi has started drinking milk here. As soon as the information is spread around, a large number of devotees are reaching the temple and are feeding milk to Lord Nandi with a spoon. Suddenly drinking milk of Lord Nandi has become a topic of discussion in the area.

Lord Shiva’s favorite month of Sawan is going on, the crowd of lord Shiva devotees are thronging the temples, due to this a miracle has been seen in the temple of Feidad located in Rajputana. And large number of devotees are reaching to offer milk to Lord Nandi and everyone is curious to see the miracle and want make drink milk to Lord Nandi with their own hand, for that a long line waiting for their turn. As the information spread in the area, a large number of devotees started arriving in the temple, after which arrangements have been made to feed milk to Lord Nandi only once by a person.

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