A woman used a poisonous snake to killed business man.

Haldwani: Police disclosed the murder case of famous businessman Ankit Chauhan in Haldwani.  Disclosing the whole matter, SSP Nainital Pankaj Bhatt said that this is the first such murder case in the state, in which someone has been killed after being bitten by a snake, five people including a woman are involved in this murder.

The name of the woman  Dolly alias Mahi, who had conspired the entire massacre, Ankit’s leg was bitten by a snake, in which a snake charmer was used who brought a snake with him and Ankit’s leg was made bitten by the poisonous snake.  The snake charmer Ramnath also has been arrested, at present four people including Mahi are absconding, for whose arrest the police is raiding, SSP Pankaj Bhatt told that the deceased Ankit Chauhan also had a relationship with Mahi and Mahi had known Ankit for a long time. She was collected big amount of money by blackmailing to the business man, later Mahi wanted to get rid of Ankit, but Ankit was constantly following her, in such a situation, Mahi made a plan to hide Ankit and later killed him, using a different trick so that the cause of dieth might b prove as snake bite. The  efforts are on to arrest rest of four accused involved in this case SSP added.

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