The parliamentary election of 2024, would be boycotted- villagers.

Chamoli: An unexhaustable strife for demanding of motor road and a bridge on river, is still on the way without having a pause, the villagers of Pana and Irani are planing to boycott of parliamentary election 2024. The work of Pana Irani road length of 32km, started in 2009, but out of it only 20 km has been built in the last 13 year and a bridge was to be built on Pana Irani Road over the Jheenji river, but nothing has happened at the ground level yet and it was completed in 2021 on the papers of the Public Works Department, the villagers said.

The villagers making a lot of questions in this context as, why are these departments cheating to the public? Is there a nexus of the Public Works Department in this which will be shown as a scam? And included many more questions. The villagers have made up their mind to boycott the election of 2024. Shetra Panchayat member, Vijay Singh said that ‘ we are demanding of complition of our road and a bridge over Jheenji river, but no one is hearing us, niether administration nor political representative. In this situation we villagers of both villages Pana and Irani have decided to not casting vote to any political parties, because after to vin the election, they never turn back to the ground where from vote recieved at large scale.

After how long will we be cheated like this by the administration?
Now we have to touch the people of Pana Irani that whether you have to be cheated like this or you have to take answer from the district administration, how long this kind of fraud will continue with us, expressing his wrath another villager said.

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