Now you can Earn from tweeter also, know term and condition.

News from social network: A few days back, Alon Musk has launched the monetization feature on Twitter, and just a week after that he changed the name of Twitter to X. Now Twitter will be known as X. The Twitter logo has also been replaced with an X from Twitter’s headquarters. Apart from this, the Twitter bird has been replaced with X in the office as well.

Overall, this is what Elon Musk wants to end Twitter’s name-o-trace. Many of you will be using X and you will have a good number of followers. You can also earn from Twitter like other people from other social sites. Let’s know all its conditions…

First of all know it, What is the condition of earning on Twitter?

Twitter’s monetization policy is for the whole world. The first condition is that you have to subscribe to Twitter Blue, which costs Rs 900 for desktop and Rs 650 for mobile per month. The second condition is that you must have at least 500 followers.

The third condition is that you should have 15 million impressions on the tweet in the last three months. After fulfilling these conditions, you can join the monetization of Twitter, and ou will be able to get paid after earning $50.

You must know that, how to apply for Twitter Monetization?

Now the option of Monetization will appear just below your account after visiting your account setting. After clicking on it, you will see the options of Subscriptions and Ads revenue sharing. If you fulfill all the conditions, then fill the bank account information by clicking on both these options. After that you will see ads with post or video and in return you will get paid

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