The first randomization of EVM machines has taken place in the presence of the observer.

Chamoli: The first randomization of EVMs was done in the presence of General Observer Anita Ramachandran, District Election Officer Himanshu Khurana and representatives of political parties appointed by the Election Commission to conduct the Badrinath assembly by-election in a fair and transparent manner.

For the Badrinath assembly, 172 percent EVM machines were allotted to by-election. The District Election Officer said that for conducting fair elections, arrangements have been made to maintain transparency while fully complying with the rules and procedures prescribed at every level. He gave complete information about the randomization process to all the political parties. The randomization of EVM machines was done in front of everyone. In the first phase, allotment of ballot units, control units and VVPATs of machines was done for the assembly constituency through software randomization.

In the second phase, booth wise allocation will be done to EVM machines only through randomization. In the first randomization, 361 CU, 361 BU and 371 VVPATs were allotted for the Badrinath assembly by-election. These machines also include the allocated machines for the reserve system.

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