On the occasion of world environment day, forests kept burning in Srinagar of Pauri distric.

Pauri: The world environment day is observed with great zeal and determination to protection of the forest, on other hand, the forest were burning in Srinagar of Pauri/district at the very same time and day. From place to place, intellectuals, environmentalists, environment lovers and leaders took a pledge to keep the environment safe by planting saplings. Seminars were also organized on Environment Day at many places.

It was claimed to make people aware even by putting big banners, some people also distributed saplings giving the message of environmental protection, and somewhere cloth bags were also distributed giving the slogan of plastic ban, but on the other hand, forest environment of Srinagar of Pauri district, were burning in flames on the day itself.

Forest fire was witnessed in Srinagar of Pauri district, the forests were burning in flames, in such a situation, it is surprising that on the occasion of Environment Day, neither any officer nor any environmentalist showed their concern towards the forest wealth being destroyed. This is very sad that the forest has been burning continuously for the last two days.

Local residents said that, it is a matter of great concern that there is a fire in the forests even on the day of Environment Day. It is clear from this that how indifferent people are towards the forests, the forests of Bugani Road kept burning in Srinagar of Pauri district, but no one noticed it.

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