Threat of corruption began to hover over the information and Public Relations Department.

Dehradun: CM Dhami talks about the absence of corruption in the entire state of Uttarakhand, corruption has spread even in the Information and Public Relations Department and in some of his departments. Questions are being raised on the state government from all sides due to the news of corruption in one department after another. First UKSSSC, now the information and public relations department, which is called the backbone of the state government, is also in the circle of corruption.

Whereas about 400 news portal owners have been excluded from the list of empanelment by the information department, disqualifying them by disqualifying them for errors in the papers submitted for empanelment.

So now, the question is whether the Information and Public Relations Department, which talks about transparency, will save its branch of transparency by cancelling the tenders done illegally or whether from the day of the tender process till the opening of the tender, all those departmental officers involved in corruption and nexus will list the portals and seal the corruption tender or not.

On the other hand, there has been a sensational disclosure regarding the use of fake papers in the tender. In the whole matter, the concerned authorities, while accepting their mistake, are talking about blacklisting the portal owner who has put fake papers out of the empanelment list as well.

So, now this concrete action by the departmental officer will be on those officers of the Information and Public Relations Department, due to whose connivance and full involvement, have been shown in the successful list on the basis of fake papers.

Not only this, these corrupt officials have even removed from the list of many news portals regarding the draft receiving date. While the draft was handed over to the officials by the portals before the last date.

This draft and paperwork were not forwarded due to the connivance of the same corrupt officials, due to which the portals have been disqualified on saying that the draft could not be submitted on time. At the same time, when the departmental officers were discussed in this regard, the officials not accepting their fault and hiding corruption, the fault is being imposed on others by them to avoid.

However, important departments like the Information and Public Relations Department are with the head of the state, Dhami Sarkar. So did the Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami take a tough decision against the officers involved in the UKSSSC exam in the past. After which many officers had to lose their jobs as well.

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