Former CM Harish Rawat slapped on state govt in a press meeting.

Haldwani: Former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat, reached Haldwani on Wednesday, and addressed a press conference, targeted the present state government of BJP, he also claimed that the Congress would contest by-elections and body elections in Bageshwar strongly, on inflation, corruption and employment. He said the public will answered to arrogant BJP in the election because people have faded up from highly increasing inflation and unemployment.

Harish Rawat said that there are more than 8000 complaints in the pit app of the government, in which people have complained by sending photos, but the government is not taking any cognizance of them, apart from this, a big game of land distribution is going on in the state.  Raising questions on the crumbling system of traffic at the places, no traffic plan has been implemented properly by the government at the tourist places, as a result of which the tourists coming from far off places, are very upset.  He also thrown questions on the central leadership of the BJP, as soon as an atmosphere is created in the state against the Chief Minister, the BJP changes the Chief Minister midway, while the Chief Minister’s tenure should be for a full 5 years former CM further said.

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