On retirement of an environment friend, Nagar Panchayat president cut cake.

Nandpryag: An environment friend, Om Prakash has given his service as a sweeper for last 35 years, retired on Friday at Nagar Panchayat Nandpryag, with honor and emotion. On this occasion president Dr Himani Veshnv has a organized a farewell party and cut the cake, in the party many people of the town arrived.

Dr Veshnav said that Om Prakash has given his long service for this town, and has given a costless contribution to make town clean. Our environment is clean because of our employees, who is dedicated toward their duty and responsibilities, they work at any hard and normal time, during the covid without caring own family and life the sweeper constantly worked and kept clean to town, thus the work of our environment friends are very important Dr Veshnav added.

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