Funlanarayan temple will be open two days later of Shravan Sankranti.

Joshimath: The temple of Funlanarayan, in Urgam Valley will be opened two days later than its scheduled time, this year because of new moon falls that day. The doors of the temple are opened every year on Shravan Sankranti, but this year the day of Shravan( hindi month) Sankranti (last day of month)is new moon due to which the doors of temple for the devotees are being opened two day later.

Lord Funlanarayan temple is situated at a height of 10,000 feet in the Urgam valley. In this temple, one female also be there as a priest, known as Funlayan and only the female priest can decorates Lord Vishnu with flowers. The preparations are going on fast for the opening of the temple in the area now a days. Other arrangements including decoration and painting of the temple are being made by the Friends Group. Ujagar Singh Farswan, president of group told that the temple is being decorated with 50 kg flowers and the doors will be opened after two days of sankranti(a local festival), on 3rd day of next month of Shravan this year, the priest Chandra Mohan Singh Panwar and the lady priest will be his mother 65 years old Kisna Devi.

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