Ambulance 108 driver passed away, didn’t get air ambulance.

Chamoli: Ambulance driver, Naresh Kumedi, has passed away, badly injured hitted by a truck at Patrol Pump on Saturday 11AM, critically injured Naresh was rushed to district hospital and his family members asked for air ambulance to referr to higher center, but even after three hours long wait, no air ambulance turned up.

Naresh was badly suffering from intolerable pain in the hospital, probably he had short time too, after three hours wait for air ambulance, the family members decided refer him by 108 vehicle, the way is very long, near the Shrinagar he deceased. The man who saved hundreds of lives working in a emergency services day to night, had to suffered too much at the last time of life. The village head of Kumeda, Shashi Sajwan and family member Rajesh Kumedi and Laxmi Kumedi, sought employment from out sources on the priority bases to Anjana Devi wife of Naresh.

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