Former CM on strike, seeking justice for murder of Ankita Bhandari.

Dehradun: Very heartbreaking case Ankita Bhandari murder case of Uttarakhand state, the AAP and Congress party have raised a hue and cry against the ruling BJP government.  Congress workers under the leadership of former Chief Minister Harish Rawat assembled in a huge number and staged a sit-in at Gandhi Park in Dehradun on Friday.

Accusing the government of judicial murder in the Ankita Bhandari murder case, former Chief Minister Harish Rawat said that earlier the daughter of the state was murdered and now along with the murderers in that murder, an attempt is being made to kill justice as well, that the Congress party will not tolerate at all.  Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat had made a verbal attack against the government on this matter in the past as well and is now working to mobilize the public in this matter through protests so that this daughter of the state can get justice.

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