Road left close since two weeks, cut connection with more than 15 villages.

Tharali. Tharali-Dungri road in Pranmati, Kera and Dhadarbagar, closed for two weeks due to landslides, the villagers of more than 15 villages of Sol belt have to walk on feet for 20 km for food items and essential items. Children are not able to go to school for many days due to the closure of the road and high water in the ditch. The villagers demanded the supply of food and health services in these areas from the administration.

The people of Dungri, Ruisan, Ratgaon, Bunga, Bursol, Kolpudi, Matena, Kera etc. villages have to come to Tharali to buy daily items through rocky routes. The villagers are carrying the goods on their backs and carrying them to the village. The most troubled are the villagers of Ratgaon according to media report. There is no pedestrian way left for movement from here and the contact road has been closed a month back. Ratgaon village head, Mahipal Singh other villager are demanded the supply of food and health services in these areas, writing a letter to administration. On the other hand, PMGSY Assistant Engineer Virendra Bhandari said that two JCBs have been installed to open the road, but due to continuous rains, problems are producing.

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