Nine hundred year old temple is in danger, on Badrinath highway.

Chamoli: Uma Devi Temple, around nine hundred years old, built on the side of Rishikesh-Badrinath Highway at block Karnaprayag, district Chamoli, is a symbol of religious faith. Devotees go to Badrinath Yatra, throughout this way, also reach here to see the Goddess.

The Uma Devi temple, is under threat for its craft and architecture, the landslides are happening continuously under the temple and in the courtyard. If the administration and government did not take any step to prevent the landslide, then this 900-year-old temple may end up in the pages of history.

This temple is the symbol of religious faith of hindu community, and devotees go to Badrinath Yatra also reach here to see the Goddess and got blessed themselves. Landslides are happening continuously in the temple premises for the last 10 days. Ravindra Pujari, chairman of the temple committee, said that the area of landslide is continuously increasing.

Many big pits have been made in the courtyard of temple. The temple is in danger due to rain water getting inside them. The electric pole and Phulwari in front of the temple have also completely sunk. If measures are not taken to protect the temple in time, the temple may be in danger. Municipality’s EO Sharudeep Arya said that the temple premises will be inspected along with JEE.

This temple of Uma Devi is built in Nagara style. There is a Kalash and a round lotus shaped stone on the top of the temple. There is a grand idol of Bhagwati Uma inside the temple, which attracts everyone.

Mother Uma Shankari’s Diwara/Meditation Yatra takes place after 12 years to wish for the welfare of the world. During this, Uma Devi blesses her devotees living in different villages by visiting Prayags including pilgrimages.

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