A culprit stabbing killed two and injured one another too.

Rudrapur: Double murder incident spread the sensation in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. The accused first brutally killed the husband and wife who were sleeping in the house, then went on attacking whoever came in the way.

The deceased Sanjay Yadav 38 is resident of Azamgarh, about 15 years ago, he had a love marriage with Sonali 34, at the present resident of Subhash Colony, Rudrapur. After this, the couple along with their two children Annu and Jai lived happily with the family in the transit camp house. Sanjay’s mother-in-law Gauri also lived with him. Both Sanjay and Sonali used to work in a factory in Sidcul.

The family fell asleep around 11 pm on Wednesday night. At around 2 o’clock in the night, a young man who was on rent in the neighborhood entered the house carrying a knife.

He killed Sanjay by slitting his throat. Sonali and daughter Annu woke up on Sanjay’s shout. The young man also killed Sonali by slitting her throat and arm. Also stabbed in the back. When Annu ran out screaming, grandmother Gauri Mandal also woke up and when she came into the room, the assailant stabbed her too. She was injured and fell down after being stabbed into stomach.

Hearing the screams in the house, when the neighbors reached over there, the attacker fled while waving the knife. On information, SHO Sundaram Sharma reached at the spot with the force. The injured Gauri Mandal was taken to a private hospital.

It is being told that till the lockdown, the accused used to live in the neighborhood of the couple. After the lockdown, he started living on the crematorium ghat road located at the transit camp. The couple’s son Jai says that a few days ago the accused had sent a bouquet and a mobile phone to mother Sonali. He says that he had sent the call to another girl through Sonali.

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