A man and his six years old son fell into the river, are missing yet.

Pithoragarh: Santosh Chand 44, a resident of Jhulaghat, was grazing goats on the hill with his six-year-old son Tanuj, suddenly a stone fell from the hill and hit them and they both father and son fell down into the Kali river on Friday.

No clue of both could be found in the swollen river till written the news, the family members are in bad condition by crying. The police is searching for the missing father and son.

Santosh Chand and his son was grazing goats and his wife Lilavati 35, was cutting grass about 200 meters away from them. Lilavati reached the banks of the river after hearing their screams, both had been swept away by the strong currents of the Kali river. When Lilavati also started jump into the river to save both of them, the youths taking bath on the banks of Kali river stopped her. After this, the information of the incident was given to the Jhulaghat police station and they brought Lilavati home crying.

Inspector Arjun Singh Rana of Jhulaghat police station informed the villagers about the incident till Kandi, Baltadi, Saptadi and Pancheshwar on the banks of Kali river. Police personnel are searching for the missing father-son on the banks of Kali river.

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