Shower of rain gave relief from humidity to the people of Delhi.

Delhi: The people of Delhi get rid of humidity, the shower of rain on Sunday evening, gave relief to the people. Although, according to the Meteorological Department, there will be less rain than normal in the last day of August. Delhi received only 91.8 mm of rain in the month of August. Normally, there is 233.1 mm of rain in August. That is, this August can prove to be the second driest August of at least 14 years.

Clouds will continue to come and go for the next one week, but there is no chance of rain. People will once again have to deal with the humid heat. Even the temperature can be recorded up to 39 degree Celsius, according to meteorological department.

Delhi is facing drought, there is no active monsoon system around Delhi-NCR. Due to this, it is not raining nor is it expected to happen further. In such a situation, the heat of summer could be increased more in the next month. Pollution level increased due to lack of rain, due to lack of rain as expected in Delhi-NCR, the level of air pollution has started increasing continuously. According to CPCB data, Anand Vihar recorded the most polluted air on Sunday.

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