A huge blast in a gas cylinder truck, driver escaped.

Tehri: A huge blast took place in a truck full of gas cylinders on the Srinagar-Tehri motor road early Thursday morning, the entire truck burnt into ashes due to fierce blast, the driver saved his life by running away. No one was in the truck but driver.

The truck was coming from Srinagar towards Tehri carrying gas cylinders. Due to the blast in the truck, there is an atmosphere of fear in the entire area. However, there was no loss of human life or property. But according to eyewitnesses, gas cylinders were getting blasted by flying in the air.

Tehri-Srinagar motorway is closed near Kandikhal due to fire in the truck. It is said that due to the blasting, smoke spread in the entire area, on informing the District Disaster Management Office local administration reached at the spot, action is taken to open the highway shortly after the truck caught fire, the fire was extinguished due to sky rain.

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