Thousands of travellers trapped due to road blocked near district Chamoli.

Chamoli: National highway connecting Rishikesh to Badrinath, has been blocked near Chinka, district Chamoli since Thursday morning 10AM, and after all day long constant work to remove the debris, could not open yet until posting the news.

Both side of the blocked road, a long line of vehicles and thousands of pilgrims of Badrinath and Govind ghat trapped for whole day to reach their own destination, although JCB machines have working perpetually. The passengers who were in the vehicles to them, local administration have distributed cold drink, water, biscuit etc. The road had blocked, a huge part of rock slipped because of heavy rain fall in the district.

The passengers approaching and leaving Badrinath and Govind Ghat, police stopped them where they are, and arranged of their staying, in nearby town and markets so that the pilgrims don’t have face any difficulties. The work will be continue to remove debris from the block road wherever it finds, the administration added.

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