Shri Ram katha has started at Omkeshwar Temple.

Rudraprayag: The nine-day Shri Ram Katha has started with a grand Jal Kalash Shobha Yatra at Omkareshwar Temple on Sunday, the winter seat of Lord Kedarnath and Baba Madhyamaheshwar. Before the beginning of the story, 151 girls and women took out a grand Jal Kalash Shobha Yatra with yellow clothes and wished for the welfare of the world and the prosperity of the region. There is enthusiasm among the local people regarding the organization of Shri Ram Katha.

At Panchkedar Gaddi Sthal Omkareshwar Temple, Ukhimath, the office bearers, members, public representatives and hundreds of devotees along with local musical instruments reached the natural water source of Bhatwadi village with chants of Baba Bholenath and Jai Shriram. But Acharya Rajan Semwal, Girish Semwal, Vinod Jamloki, Vishwamohan Jamloki, Ved Prakash Jamloki performed the Yajna process by performing all the religious traditions, after which the Jal Kalash Yatra started.

Inaugurating Shri Ram Katha, Kedar Valley’s famous storyteller Radhika Joshi Kedarkhandi, sitting on the podium, praising the glory of the name of Ram, said that the name of Ram is the basis of life and the name of Ram is the biggest mantra.

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